Forgot tradition of national kinds of crafts, and develop them further creative use — the task set by Louisa Lo his studio Malhas & Cia (Knit & Co).

Revival of traditions

Louise Luo was born in Portugal but grew up in London. Then he returned to Portugal, and then moved to Brazil and then returned home.
Louise learned the basics of needlework from her grandmother in London and was the first model to knit on the descriptions in magazines.

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Years later, while living in Brazil, she returned to her hobby. Beginning of the experiment, attempts to realize accumulated over time wandering experience. Gradually growing confidence that the hobby can turn into a real job. This also contributed to the support of enthusiastic fans.
Related Louise things were unusual, cause a smile, and most importantly — their creation coincided with the resurgence of worldwide interest in knitting and crochet.
Four years ago, a shop / studio Malhas & Cia. Design creative showcase with a huge pair of scissors unusual dolls and lady knitting Knitting, immediately attracts the attention. All this is done with huge needles format XL. Thus Louisa Lo shows that knitting can be not only practical creative leisure, but also an art. An art that you want to share.
The company is constantly launch new ideas and work begins, which then finishes at home.
Stock of finished products are regularly laid out on the page Malhas & Cia to Facebook, to all the fans of this type of craft could enjoy and express their opinions.
Louise is always looking for inspiration in various parts of the world to again and again to bring our smiles.
Atelier there recently, but during that time it became clear: knitting makes people happy.
The best stimulus for creative workshop — to return to a new generation the legacy of traditional types of crafts, giving it a new, bright and cheerful life.