Inch by Inch, They All Meet Up With a Finish Eventually

 You know me, always trying to move forward, one little phase of a quilt at a time!Another quilt top closer to a finish!Now that the hand quilting is done on Flowering Snowballs, then it's time for binding! Can't leave that hoop empty for long, so...

 You know me, always trying to move forward, one little phase of a quilt at a time!

Another quilt top closer to a finish!

Now that the hand quilting is done on Flowering Snowballs, then it’s time for binding! Can’t leave that hoop empty for long, so for now my Creative Process quilt is going to be getting some hand stitching details to go along with the basic machine quilting already done there. I went ahead and changed out the picture for my ‘Current Quilt in the Hoop’ caption at the top of my blog.

Getting ready to sew on some binding strips

But well, that might not take very long and I did have a very quiet day on Friday! Two more quilt tops sandwiched and pinned, including this Marsala challenge quilt. Something I’ve been itching to get my fingers on lately. The colors—they are calling my name….

Marsala quilt—the Unexpected Crossroads quilt

Summers End was the other quilt that got some pins in it and I’m really not feeling very thrilled to be working on that right now. I intend to stitch in the ditch around all the blocks and then come back and do some hand quilting on the little baskets. Big stitch of course. Is there any other kind anymore? Plus, I had a crazy idea that I might, just maybe, hand tie in the middle of each empty block. It’s an idea. One that kinda makes me smile because it’s different…

Summers’ End quilt. An project that didn’t do what it was supposed to do….

Really though, it’s been one of those weeks where I’ve been focused on finishing and getting things wrapped up at the end of the quilting spectrum. I even sewed an extra two quilt backings and delivered the quilt packages to my longarm quilting friend. One has a deadline of the end of April and the other sometime by the end of summer. My friend is a busy gal and I don’t want to pressure her, BUT I am loving the idea that within just a few months, my quilt top list could have 7 quilts checked off! {That’s including the St. Paul quilt I’m still stitching the binding onto.}

All ready for action

Plus, all the rising sun blocks are done. Whew! I pulled out these five blocks to see if I could conjure up an idea or two for a traditional setting. So far my mind is pretty blank and everything I audition makes me feel very bored. They will just have to hang out on the wall for awhile I guess, soak up some creative spark from somewhere else.

What’s left of the ruined Rising Sun blocks

Right now all the spark seems to be directed at the base blocks for the make-do rising sun quilt. The one where I’m going to chop those rising sun blocks in two and use them for an outside border? Yeah, that one.

The Make-Do Rising Sun Quilt

Very simple applique on very simple, but similar {18″ blocks}. Sounds like a winner to me!