The {2nd} January Quilty 365 Linkup

Okay, here we go! Hopefully most all of you will have completed a full years worth of quilty circles! I've had some people question why this project was named 'Quilty 365' when 2016 was a leap year, but it's a synonym of sorts. When I say 'My Quilty 36...

Okay, here we go! Hopefully most all of you will have completed a full years worth of quilty circles! I’ve had some people question why this project was named ‘Quilty 365’ when 2016 was a leap year, but it’s a synonym of sorts. When I say ‘My Quilty 365’, I’m actually saying ‘My Quilty Year’!

My Quilty 365

And here it is now in four pieces. Well, five pieces if you count the centerpiece. Of which I’m still playing with! At first, upon completion of the circles, I was gung-ho about having a black centerpiece. Thought that would make the circles ‘pop’. Then immediately after laying all the circles out on the floor for a look-see, I changed my mind. Uggh! It needed to be very light. Not white, but maybe a white cream? And when I found the subtle black stripey piece I was sold. Yes! Don’t you love it when the perfect piece of fabric is hiding out in our very own stash!

Playing with the centerpiece

This project has been interesting, deeply satisfying, tedious, boring, frustrating, worrisome and now it’s turned back around to interesting and yes, even exciting. I’ll confess to loving how the centerpiece is taking shape here. I had vague ideas of words in the middle {mostly because I didn’t want more than 366 total circles in the quilt}, but never envisioned such a bold look. But it feels right. Whew! We just never know do we?

At times I definitely wondered about the end result of this particular project—all the mishmash of color and odd scrappy bits. So hard to see what’s really going on when it’s a one-block-a-day sort of project, but you know how it is. Quilts blocks usually end up having a mind of their own. I couldn’t believe all the different layout ideas I considering in the course of making these little circles. And then to end up with something so very basic as this! It totally makes me smile. Such a perfect layout for such a crazy, crazy year, having the optimism shining from the inside out to the darker edges of the quilt. I’m often amazed at how happy my quilts often look when life seems to be such a struggle at times. I’ve tried really hard to find joy in the little things, remember our blessings and not get bogged down in the things I have no control over. The quilt is very personal to me and I’m pleased to have gotten to this particular stage of making.

An idea coming together…

And another BIG THANK YOU! to everyone who stitched along with me. I am so thrilled and happy with all the different Quilty 365 versions. So fascinating having us all start off with the same, simple idea and ending up with something very unique and personal. It feels like a victory, my oh-so-creative friends!

This January linkup is the last monthly linkup I’m doing until May 1st where I will be doing a final linkup to wrap it all up. My Quilty 365 won’t be totally sandwiched and quilted by then, but the top will be completely done and I invite you to join me in showing off your completed quilt top and/or finish too. There will also be a giveaway for all those who have participated along the way. 
As there is still a bit of interest in this project being ongoing, I would also urge anyone who is interested, to take over future monthly Quilty 365 linkups. Just a thought. It could be definitely be tailored to match up with how you envision it moving forward! Please email me if this is something to be considered. Otherwise, we’ll just let it be and anyone currently doing the Quilty 365 can stitch along on their own. Nothing wrong with that! Happy, Happy New Year! Hope to see you at the May 1st linkup!
If you’re still working on this project, please feel free to link a thumbnail picture to a current post on your blog detailing:

  • What particular day you happen to be at now {such as ‘day 366’}
  • A picture of all your December circles whether they are stitched to the background fabric or not. Possibly a picture of your current quilt top progress?
  • A link back to this post
  • Any thoughts or introspection you might want to add about this particular project


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