Moving Things Forward

I am always uncertain about committing to any QAL involving finish-it-up goals. Frankly, it sort of panics me, which sounds very odd as I actually do finish things occasionally! But... Meredithe is a great friend and her '17 in 2017' sounds v...

I am always uncertain about committing to any QAL involving finish-it-up goals. Frankly, it sort of panics me, which sounds very odd as I actually do finish things occasionally! But… Meredithe is a great friend and her ’17 in 2017′ sounds very no pressure. Thanks to Kyle I had access to a nifty little pdf and so now, after much pondering, here is the list.

17 in 2017 QAL

After perusing the other links, I noticed everyone has their own way of listing the projects.  Mine is simple: #1-11 are quilt projects still currently ongoing. The only really dusty one is ‘Shattered‘, and I totally credit Meredithe for helping me dig that one out. #12-17 are completed quilt tops that hopefully will become a full fledged quilt sometime this year. Along with others of course, but I can’t know exactly which quilt tops I’m in the mood to get started quilting. This leaves me lots of wiggle room!

Vintage Coxcombs

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to be very disciplined about not starting a new quilt project just yet. Tho I am itching, itching, itching to do just that! My tentative plan is to get three of my eleven ongoing projects to the completed quilt top stage before allowing my greedy self to jump into something new and shiny. Lots of applique work here, so I need to get cracking!

The quilt above, ‘Vintage Coxcombs’ includes 20 blocks. {Because I am insane and don’t know when to stop.} Most of the background blocks are sewn together in similar, but different looking fabrics, pieced together as the leftover bits dictate. Since I mostly buy fatquarters, getting 20 similar background blocks can be complicated at times, but I love the look of this way versus made up of all of one fabric.

After I complete appliqueing the coxcombs to the oval shape {done!}, then next up is the possible star background. I’m going to do a test block to see if the triangles are large enough and proportions work out properly. This is the part I hate—thinking the triangles look perfect as is which would means re-cutting and adding the seam allowance once again. And yes, I’ve already cut out ALL of the triangles for 20 blocks.*sigh Thus the test block. I’ve been fooled once before.

Chunky Crossroads

Don’t judge me by my crinkly looking applique, It’s all coming along rather nicely! Two borders out of four down with two to go on the Chunky Crossroads improv. quilt. I ended up adding the fat looking flower buds as it just looked too barren without. I’m still a little {okay, a lot} waffle-y about whether the quilt sincerely needs the applique borders or I’m just indulging myself. Ahh… Self doubt. Always there to rain on our parade…. Too, I get kind of jumpy after sewing the same exact thing for hours on end and usually make myself a bargain or two just to keep going. It helps to have perspective and not let sheer tedium come up with our answers!

After completely two borders, then I gave myself permission to go straight to work on the ‘Gather Ye Rosebuds’ quilt which includes the  Big Tumbler Basket and a whole bunch of smaller baskets. It’s going to be an asymmetrical quilt with a vine running down the left side and across the bottom before connecting with the text block on the right side. I’m trying to do as much applique as possible before joining it to the larger basket and thus making a big ‘ol awkward mess to do my stitching on. Lots of work to do here, but then I’ll probably jump back to the Vintage Coxcombs test block before yes, you guessed it! finally diving back into the Chunky Crossroads borders once again. I really do like to mix things up and having smaller goals helps keep me on track for feel-good finishes along the way. Hey, whatever works!

Gather Ye Rosebuds

And of course, there’s always a quilt in the hoop around here. The middle portion of this quilt is finally done and next I’m going to be starting in on the outside two borders. Last night I marked off a simple grid pattern and with stitching one or two frames an evening, this could be done by the end of January!

Geese Tracks & Black Shadow Applique

I put this particular quilt off for a long time as I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ it. And honestly, it took getting the entire geese-tracks/applique section getting stitched and finally working of the basket quilting before I finally settled in and started loving it again. So funny. I’ve always appreciated this quilt, enjoyed working on it so much and then when it’s time, I can’t feel the love while starting to quilt it.

But that’s the way quilting works with me. I often have to reconnect. Just the steady stitch, stitch, stitch, hearing the needle slide in and out, staring down at the quilt, remembering the whys and wherefores. It all works to remind me of what’s so great about quilting. This quilt? I’m the one making it, but it has a few fabrics from my grandma who was a quilter too. Just another in a long line of ‘makers’ allowing the work of quilting to quiet and soothe our {often} worried and troubled minds. I can tell—this quilt’s gonna be a keeper…